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Hi Rel M&E takes a holistic approach to quality engineering and management.  For instance, while a product designed for a GEO orbit will function equally as well at LEO orbit, the cost due to overdesign can be prohibitive impacting adoption of the technology to a broader range of customers.  Quality requirements should be matched to the needs of the product or mission.  Equally, requirements taken from a customer that traditionally expect a lot of quality overhead, (DoD, NASA, ESA, etc) typically will have many requirements that do not necessarily add value to the end product or mission.  It is Hi Rel M&E’s philosophy to appropriately challenge requirements. Sometimes requirements are simply hold-overs from previous efforts that may not have applicability to the current project or need.  In many cases requirements can be modified or met creatively for these types of customers in a way that cost can be greatly reduced while not sacrificing performance or reliability.

Hi Rel Management and Engineering has ample experience assisting non-US customers in product management, including procurement, management, of US parts and services while complying with all ITAR and EAR restrictions

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